Hypnosis is the power of your mind to focus inwardly. When you close your eyes and focus, something extraordinary happens to both the brain and the mind. The rigid boundaries of perception that have held you in place and controlled your behaviour, begin to soften. Reality becomes less real and more negotiable. Ideas, dreams and goals become much more accessible. In hypnosis you discover that you are capable of much more than you consciously realise. The purpose of hypnosis is to challenge fears and misconceptions- and to see them in a new light; to create and enable the exploration of new awarenesses and new possibilities, and to make the changes that you want

If you want to benefit from hypnosis and make the changes in your life, to take back control, make a difference, leave behind the anxieties, have the happiness in relationships, be successful in business, sports and to move forward and leave all negativity in the past, then believing that you can do all of these things is easily accomplished with hypnosis. 

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis- that is, you are hypnotising yourself in a clinical setting. The therapist is guiding you and not controlling you. For a successful hypnosis experience, you just have to want it to happen, believe that it will and engage with the process fully. It is really is as easy as that. It is your belief and expectation that makes it happen 


Successful hypnotherapy is a collaborative undertaking where you will learn to adopt a positive hypnotic mindset and develop your self hypnotic skills for positive changes anywhere in your life, whether it is managing fear and anxiety, overcoming negative thoughts, or where you are struggling to see a positive future 

Everyone can be hypnotised because it is not about you being hypnotised by me. 

Hypnosis is a process where by you actively become engaged with the suggestions offered by the hypnotherapist. Your responses to hypnosis are primarily a result of a positive conscious attitude and expectation ..Using the skills you learn you can continue to affect your behaviour and performance utilising self hypnosis



If you have any questions or are unsure whether hypnotherapy is for you, please feel free to contact me below and I will be happy to help and direct you on the path that is right for you.

(Your confidentiality is always of upmost importance and your contact details will never be shared with any third person/parties).




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